The Columbine Massacre on April 20, 1999 killed 12 students, 1 teacher and injured many other students. Many people wonder what made Harris and Klebold attack the school. Harris and Klebold met in Junior High and became friends and had similar thoughts about people when they entered school. On the first day of school Harris and Klebold didn’t like how there were cliques and bullies. They hated the society and people who did things that annoyed them. They didn’t like how people were being treated and how everyone was in a group. Also, Some articles say that they were being bullied and others say that they weren’t. While in school and at home, they both wrote in their journals, cruel and disturbing thoughts that concerned many people. Klebold and Harris also set up a private website with a blog to talk about people, parents, and school which also concerned others. The parents of Harris and Klebold got many calls from police, parents, and teachers calling to say that they think the attackers were trouble and dangerous. Months before the attack, Klebold and Harris had to go to court because they were caught stealing from a van. This was when things started to concern people when they were getting in more and more trouble. Friends of Harris and Klebold said that they started planning their attack 1 year before the attack. As the attack got closer, the plans got worse. Their websites started to have information on how to make bombs. On the day of the attack, witnesses say that the killers would ask the students “do you believe in God?” before they shot the students. These were some events that led up to the horrendous attack and killed and injured many.