I believe that there is a link between April and many controversial and devastating events. Both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both decided that April 19 would be the day they would attack Columbine because they wanted to attack Columbine on the same day of the Oklahoma bombing but their plan failed when their homemade bombs were not ready on that date. I believe that bad things happen in April because many attacks such as columbine were planned to occur in April on the same day as another tragedy in history. (Madeline)
I think that Columbine High School shooting was a planned attack as an anniversary of the Oklahoma Bombing. Witnesses have heard and said that Harris and Klebold said that they were going to plan their attack on the same day as the Oklahoma Bombing but it didn't happen. This makes me believe that this tragegy and many others were planned to be in April due to many bad attacks. (Emery Cowart)

I believe that there is a link to the devastating events occuring in the month of April. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris mentioned in one of their journals that they wanted to complete their plan on April 19 because that was the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing. They said that what they had planned would be just as bad or maybe even worse than the OKlahoma bombing. (Emily)

I do not think that the April Conspiracy existed. So many tradegy's happen throughout the year that you cant make that assumption based on some things that just so happened to occur in this month. So many things besides these massacres have happened outside of April. I dont think these two young men would have this idea planned out with the exact date long enough in advance. If they had thought about the idea of the massacre in the fall I don't believe they wouldve waited until April because several different key events happened then. I believe its a matter of when they think about they idea and how long it takes them to plan it out, not whether it's going to connect with other significant tragedys.. they have more important things on their minds I personally think. For instance, the Iraq war started in March, the Armenian Genocide along with others took place in other months outside of April.  (Ingrid)

I personally believe there is a link to many of the tragedies that have happened in the month of April in the United States. Harris and Klebold had mentioned in a video they had made that they hope to rival the bombing of Oklahoma City by doing their attack on the anniversary, but with their weapons not being ready, they had to push it back a day. (Chelsea)