The Columbine Shooting on April 20, 1999 had a huge impact on not just their town, but nationwide. Schools, and other places have become so much more aware of their surroundings and how to go about things. It took a huge toll on how strong a community can really be, and powerful trust can stand. It tested how unexpected anything can be, and how to handle the worst of situations. Today, their is still an impact of the Columbine massacre, and their forever will be.

Just hours after the shooting, the impact of the shooting had already had an impact. The school had to decide how to handle the sitution the best way. The school was closed until it had thoroughly been inspected and in this time, the community really came together. "The Columbine students and staff gathered together over the next few days for comfort, support, debriefings, and discussions about the facts and effects of the tragedy and plans for returning to school" (Sandra Austin). Counsling went into immediate effect to help comfort those who were in shock and pain. Sandra Austin also explained that many had felt guilty that they hadnt helped the ones killed enough, and that maybe they could've saved someones life if they had taken that extra step. Many students wanted to be with eachother all the time because they still had them, while parents wanted to be with them because they hadnt died. How the community came together really made a strong impact on this tragedy.

When people were to return to school, it left a huge impact. Empty desks scattered around each classroom, whether it was because they had died, been injured, or simply gone to homeschooling. Students didn't have their backpacks and books, teachers didnt have their teaching information, and the staff didn't have records. Sanda Austin said "Graduation became an issue too, and it was decided to allow all senior-status students to walk through the graduation ceremony. Those who lacked the necessary credits required to graduate made arrangements with the teachers for finishing the coursework". The school in general felt something missing, which left a long impact on Columbine.

Other schools and buildings learned strongly from the massacre and took into effect about how to improve safety to it's maximum potential. Schools tolerance policies became more serious. A 7 year old boy was suspended for having nail clippers at school, and a 10th grader is kicked out for having blue-dyed hair. Many schools are unsettled these days and have a zero tolerance policy. The consequences for breaking rules are getting a lot more serious, and a lot of it has to do with the huge impact the Columbine shooting has left on the nation.
Overall, I believe that the Columbine shooting left such an impact on everyone, the people that were killed, hurt, and effected. The community and the school having to go through it's transition. Lastly, how nationwide everyone has learned from this massacre and how they've adjusted to their new way of safety.,9171,992754,00.html,r:0,s:19&tx=43&ty=61,r:15,s:44&biw=1345&bih=560